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My name is Val Cervarich. I founded Writing Help KC because of my genuine appreciation for the English language. I know writing and editing are not everyone’s favorite tasks, but I genuinely enjoy both. My diverse professional background and my deep understanding of the language enable me to assist clients in communicating more effectively. Helping my clients is something that motivates me, and I work hard to make the experience low-stress.

Well-crafted messages can influence lives, often in unimaginable ways. Think of an ad campaign that you still remember long after viewing it. Consider a book that might have inspired you. Behind those memories is solid writing. I revel in crafting quality writing or polishing a work to shine. Whether your project is big or small, I am eager to clarify and enrich your message, making it both memorable and influential.


MA Teaching English as a Second Language
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

BBA Marketing and Management, BA Spanish
Drury University


Learning and networking are essential. The following memberships help me learn from and collaborate with editing, writing, and education professionals.